Saturday, 7 August 2010

Letter to Shona

Dear Shona,

I know that I have told you many times in my Word that I love you but I want to emphasize it yet again here. I love you so much that I did not even spare my own Son, the one who is a part of me so be assured that I will not with hold good things from you (Romans 8: 32). Never doubt my love for you Shona because it is alive and my promises that I have made in my Word be assured that I will carry them out (Numbers 23:19). Keep trusting me knowing that I am your refuge and fortress, and that my faithfulness to you is a shield and a buckler (Psalm 91:2,4).

I know that of late you have been going through a challenging season. I have seen you falling but I  have been right there by your side picking you up and helping you to stand again. I have seen your broken heart but remember that I am close to you because in my Word I say that I am close to the brokenhearted and the crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18). It might seem like you are stuck in one place and I am not responding to your calls but I am. That very first time you called out to me I heard you and I answered you  (Isaiah 67:24). I have sent forth my angels whom I have commanded to guard you in all your ways and in due time (Psalm 91:11), at the right time what you have asked for will come to be. I see how you do not give up and keep holding on to me, trusting me, you shall not be put to shame my daughter but you shall speak of your testimonies before kings (Psalm 119:46). I am a faithful and loving Father, blessed are those whose trust is in me for they shall not cease to bear fruit (Jeremiah 17:7-8). When dry seasons come in their lives they are not anxious for they know I am with them and that those seasons are stepping stones to their promotions and are refining times from which they emerge better people and spiritually mature.

Have you been getting my messages? I hope so. I always send blessings your way everyday. I know that sometimes you expect big things but remember my blessings come in all packages - big and small. Remember that toddler who you met the other day, the one who kept smiling, waving and blowing kisses your way? What about that other toddler who told you that your hair looks nice and engaged you in a conversation about milkshakes and Ben 10 (smile)? That was me. I like using children as my messengers, they trust me unconditionally and obey me without resistance or questioning me or my being. That is why I have said of them - my kingdom belongs to them (Luke 18:16). What about the woman who blessed you with money to go for that conference that you told me you wanted to go to but couldn't afford at the moment? I will keep sending you my blessings every single day so be on the look out. The depth of my love for you is much deeper than you think and never doubt that I love you and that I am always with you.

I love it when you talk to me. Talk to me anywhere. When you are waiting for the bus, doing your shopping, taking a shower in fact anytime is good for me. Talk to me especially when you are feeling low and do not feel like talking to me - even then I will hear you and I will respond. Looking forward to talking to you already.

Lots of Love

Your Father (The great I AM).

P.S Remember to bless others as you go about your business everyday for you are my shinning glory and my love shines out to others through you.


  1. "That very first time you called out to me I heard you and I answered you (Isaiah 67:24)" Amen.

    Shona, this is such a beautiful letter. I have to post this up on my sidebar as my favorite post for today. May someone see this letter and know God is speaking to them as well. Thank you so much for this :D

  2. Talk to me especially when u r feeling low... When u think I won't be listening, even then will I hear... That's my favorite part Shona. I also like the part of Him using His messengers to talk to us; providing for us at our times of need.

    I love the scripture that says, "can a mother forget her sucking child? Even though she may forget, I will never forget you"... "For I love you with an everlasting love"

    Shona, this is beautiful. God bless your heart. You are a blessing :)


  3. Thank you for your lovely comments Jaycee and LDP.I do hope the letter speaks to many others as much as it speaks to me.

    I have been going through the letter and I could not believe I wrote it. I believe that it was God inspired because I wrote it on the spur of the moment but it was amazing how the words were just flowing and scriptures would just pop into mind. Although I wrote the letter it feels like it wasn't actually me writing and it was not only meant for me. Can't really explain it.

  4. Oh Jaycee thanks for putting up this post on your side bar as your favorite post of the day:)

  5. This blessed me!

    I've been meditating on Psalms lately and reading the study portion for more. I'm in a season of hunger that only he can fill. Amen!

  6. awesome letter.. feels like it was written to me...
    thanks for sharing this ..
    I have a Father .. a faithful one..

  7. @ Believer, Psalms is a great book. I have been meditating on Psalm 91 and it has been awesome. I am also in a season where I am hungering for God. Be blessed always.

    @oluSimeon, I am happy that you related to the letter. God is indeed faithful and He is the best Father we can have.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. This letter seems to be written for me Shona. Thanx a lot my dear for reminding us of how God will always be a present help in times of need. God bless you!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing this with us Shona...I don't even think I've been here before. But i'm so glad I came (from Jaycee's)
    "...blessed are those whose trust is in me for they shall not cease to bear fruit" - This has become my Word for the week.

    God bless you.

  10. @Rachel, Bless your heart.

    @Favor's Heart, thanks for stopping by you are welcome to visit anytime. Be blessed.


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