Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Confessions of a Somebody

From the title of my blog post I am sure you  can tell that I am going to make a confession of some sort. Well here goes.
For a long time I never understood those people who dance (whether or not they are the only ones doing so in the congregation) and go as far as to to cry in church especially during praise and worship. Talk about those people who shout out whether in agreement or because they are touched  by something - I found it embarrassing and at times even thought they were showing off. I would always say to myself  that I would never be caught doing such, why embarrass myself I would argue.

I have a friend who was like that, my word he was on fire. He was not apologetic when it came to the things of God. I am not sure if I told him at some point but I thought he was over doing it and I tended to be a bit embarrassed when he started doing his thing. I just didn't understand, I had no idea, I never knew it was possible to love so deep, to give one self in reckless abandon to God and not care what other people think.

Fast forward to the present day I have realized that I am becoming that person. Lately I have found my self in  another world during praise and worship oblivious of everyone and everything around  me, dancing, singing my heart out and lifting my hands in praise to my Father. Unbelievably, at times I am one of those two or three people doing that and I do not even feel embarrassed (even though I have occasionally seen questioning glances my way), I just respond to what I feel. If I feel like dancing for my God then I do it, sometimes I am so awed by His greatness and goodness such that I can not help but sing my heart out for Him or shout. Yes, it looks like I am becoming one of those people. Believe me even I am surprised I have become that person but oooooh I love my Father very much. 

Heya the love I am feeling for God these days is like a fire in my heart. Oh, now I understand my friend and all those people I thought were overdoing it and I think I can even understand it where the Bible says that David danced before the Lord such that his wife was embarrassed and rebuked him (2 Samuel 6:16-23).When you know what you know or have seen what you have seen nothing can hold you back from giving  all of you in reckless abandon to God. Now I know better than to say I will never do that.


  1. I used to feel the same way too before some years back. I just fond myself doing the same. I guess after sometime with God, you just don't care anymore who is watching or what they will say.

    - LDP

  2. Very true LDP. The more you know God the more you love Him. What a transformation from the person I used to be to the person I am today. I like what God has made me to be.

  3. Dancing and lifting up my hands during church services is my thing! I dont plan to do it but in most cases I'm so moved and consumed by the presence of God that I just find myself doing it. And I feel uncomfortable if the person next to me is all cold and shy, huh! I always tell myself that such moments are personal moments with God and I dont care what people think about it. I actually encourage all Christians to just abandon themselves and get lost in such wonderful moments. You'll be glad you did. Thanks Shona


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