Thursday, 12 August 2010

Is it Practical? (Follow up post)

Do you remember this post? I was talking about principled dating (courtship) and if it is practical or at least possible in this day and age. Well, I took the advise of my blog friend LDP and I read the book When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy. This is what happened...

One day I was chatting to a certain lady who like me loves to read. I happened to mention to her that I was looking forward to reading the above mentioned book, if only I could get my hands on  it. She said it sounded like an interesting book and she would ask around among her single friends if anyone had a copy. Fast forward about 2 weeks later the lady surprises me with a copy of the book and it had a CD too, of one of Eric's and Leslie's songs called Faithfully - great song and beautiful lyrics. 
'I wanted to surprise you ', the lady told me 'I knew if I told you I wanted to buy the book for you you would not agree and I wanted so much to bless you with something'. What can I say, this is just but one of the pleasant surprises which God has been throwing my way lately. Isn't God good at doing things that make one go aawwwww and want to cry with joy?
I quickly dived into the book and I was not disappointed at all. The book is an enfolding story of how two people made life changing decisions to give God unlimited access to all aspects of their lives including their love lives. As Eric puts it, it was 'him moving out and God moving in' taking full control of his entire ship (his life). There are many lessons to be learned in this book and one thing I liked about it is that it is real. Both Eric and Leslie tell of the challenges they faced, how at times they broke down and what they did to keep going and waiting on God. 
Do you know that you can start being faithful to your future spouse long before you meet them? Or that we can use our families as our practice fields for our future marriages? I will not go into detail about the book but I would encourage all those singles who desire to have God write their love stories read the book. It is very inspiring. 

At the end of the day the 'sweeter song' of true love and romance is sung on a ship that is headed against the tide (borrowing some lines from the book). It is not easy to play by a different set of dating rules that include having God as the captain but it is possible and the best route to take, as far as I am concerned  - well speaking for myself that is. I totally agree with Eric and Leslie, 'our generation needs ordinary people who choose to love God in extra-ordinary ways and lovers who will ask "what would Jesus do?" and then really do it'. God bless our generation!!!!!


  1. Woohooo... you are so favoured that you have the whole book to yourself. I bought it too when I read it but unfortunately left it in Singapore when I moved to NZ.

    Yes, its possible to court, God's way! Thanks for sharing with us... and for the mention.

    - LDP

  2. Thanks to my friend who blessed me with the book. If only you could see how colorful it is inside. I have highlighted all the places I liked and now I can occasionally flip through it and enjoy it in summary.

    Is there no way you can ask anyone to send it to you from Singapore where you left it? I think its a valuable book to have in one's library. Thanks for stopping by LDP, God Bless.

  3. Will definitely be on the lookout for this and other books for single people.


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