Friday, 23 April 2010

A generation with a difference

Some time ago I wrote about my journey of finding a church where I felt at home, I am glad to say that my search is over. I have found a church where I do not only feel at home but where I have been amazed by the level of love and care that people have for each other.

Our pastor always encourages the congregation to mingle and get to know each other and last week was one such week. He made us go into groups and we did various activities one of which included sharing a little bit about ourselves with other group members. I was greatly impacted by the story of one 14 year old girl in our group. I always see her around helping especially in the technical department and I always thought that her family were also members of our church. She told the story of how when she was 10 years old she decided to visit our church (I think more out of curiosity) and she never left because she fell in love in God and how the 4 years since then have been the happiest in her life. As she shared her life's story I was touched beyond measure. Here was a young girl who from the age of 10 decided on her own she wanted God to be a part of her life despite the fact that her parents do not even go to church.
What also impressed me is the impact she is having on other teenagers and her community. She told us of how she visits one girl who has a very rare disease and so she cant go to school or play with others. She brings her school work, encourages her to eat and not to give up on herself. At the moment she is trying to organize a fund raising project to raise some funds for some disabled people at some center in her community. As she talked I could not help but wonder if her parents were proud of her or appreciated how blessed they are to have a teenage daughter with such a big heart and who instead of being a nuisance like other teenagers was doing things to be proud of. I know I would be proud if it were my child.

Imagine having more young people with such big hearts, who know God and who want to make a difference in the lives of others. The more I read the papers, watch the news and look around the more I see how important it is for us to pray for our children- those already born and those yet to be born so that they make a generation with a difference, a generation that will stand up and stand out for their love for God and make the world a better place to live.


  1. That is such a lovely story. An example of real Christianity.

    I'm so happy you've found a church you're happy and comfortable with. It can make such a difference.

  2. Amen! I am so happy for you! Finding a good church home is such an important part of one's walk with God.

  3. I'm imagining more young people with big hearts and the imagery is blowing my mind away. Such an inspiring story.

  4. We must not underestimate that God is in charge of where we are to serve, or who is present in our large or small groups. Every one there "should" be there [including you] for growth and strength, and to edify the church as a whole.

  5. Chichi and Amy - It is wonderful to be part of a good church where I am seeing myself growing spiritually.

    Jaycee - Yeah imagining such a generation blows my mind away too.

    Believer - You are so right we should never under estimate the power of God in every situation.

    Thank you for your comments everyone.

  6. Wooohoo... Glad you've found yourself a church. Aww... and they are loving too... Now, start enjoying the company of your new 'family' haha

    - LDP


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