Friday, 11 September 2015


Although I am not very good at keeping my blog up to date L I read and follow a lot of blogs. I enjoy reading anything and everything – things happening in people’s lives, travel, food, beauty and hair tips. So it was a pleasant surprise the sometime ago when I saw the author of one of the blogs I follow (Aisha from My Fro and I) on the bus on my way to work. I have never thought that I would actually meet one of the authors of the blogs I read and follow thinking, honestly I have never thought of our worlds colliding in real life. The first time I saw her I was too shy to approach and talk to her, but fortunately for me I saw her again weeks later and this time I was courageous enough to approach her and talk to her. It was really nice talking to her and she was so friendly and as beautiful (and more) as in the pictures on her blog. Reading her blog has revolutionized the way I treat my natural hair. 

In the past I would never be caught rocking my natural hair, I always had it plaited. I simply had no idea how to tame it and style it. Now thanks to her and a host of other natural hair bloggers I have become brave and I actually enjoy and embrace my natural hair.  I now enjoy experimenting with my hair and trying different styles. I am sure glad that winter is over and summer is here. I can continue my love affair with my hair.  Thank you all natural hair bloggers out there you make me brave in managing my hair. Uuuuummm I wonder who I am going to meet next?

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