Sunday, 27 September 2015

Be Still

There was a time when I hated going on Facebook. The many update from friends, colleagues and family would drive me crazy. Updates on new jobs, marriages, birth of children and so forth, I would log out of Facebook feeling like a failure after comparing my progress in life with others. At that time, for sure I seemed to be stuck in a moment and a lot of things were frustrating me. Then something happened, I can’t really say what but something happened because I over time stopped beating myself up so much. I remember one of my former colleagues who I used to vent with regarding our job, getting a new wonderful job and although I was surprised, I found myself genuinely happy for her and inspired that if God could do it for her He could also do it for her. 

Gradually, I have been learning to be still and trust God that when the time is right things will come together. My Pastor preached on Psalm 23 a few months ago and it was like I had never really understood the meaning of that Psalm before until that moment. Simply put Jesus is my shepherd and he will and is leading me to green pastures but I need to trust Him like the way sheep trust their shepherd. So nowadays my attitude is if it doesn’t happen now when I want it to its okay, maybe it isn’t the best time, when the time is right it will happen. So far so good, some things that I have been wanting and praying for have been unexpectedly coming to pass. So yes, I will be still (at least try), my Shepherd will lead me to that green pasture. It may take time but my time will come and I will eventually get there.  After all, life is full of surprises, a seemingly ordinary life can in an instant turn into a fairy tale.  

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