Thursday, 18 June 2015

Daring to Ask

I love love the saying above, it summarizes what I have been thinking of lately. The other day I was just thinking to myself that from now on I am going to be more daring in my prayers. Extra ordinary things happen to those who are daring enough to ask, try and step forward.
God has been showing and proving to me that yes, He can do anything even that which seems out of reach in my eyes. He has been been reminding me that He is the Almighty and nothing is beyond Him. When you find yourself ticking things off that long list that you thought you were crazy when you sat down and wrote, you cannot help but be overwhelmed and admit that yes He meant it when He said 'I am the LORD God of all humanity. Nothing is too hard for me' Jeremiah 32:27.
No more holding back. Maybe just maybe that dream or desire might not be so outrageous after all.

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