Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Irresistible London

London was one city which won me over. I am not a fan of big cities, I rather like small town living. Given a choice that is what I would go for but so far the big cities seem to like me. I found London to be quite hectic and the life very fast. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry or busy - I remember one time even thinking that stopping someone to ask for directions was like you were disturbing. Anyways, the thing that fascinated me about London was that there was so much to see and do. Interesting and wonderful places so it was very very difficulty to be bored.

A group of us (I think we were 4 or 5) had an arrangement to visit a new place every Saturday. So during the week someone would suggest something and we would plan. The Portobello Market visit was one of the results from this initiative.  

Here are some of the pictures taken from our visits to South Bank and Central London.
Of course the London Eye. I don't think you can be in London and not at least have a glace at it.

Big Ben. I remember reading some books as a child which talked about Big Ben. Hey finally got to see it for myself. 
These human statues were something. We were so fascinated and for some we were not sure if they were really human or real statues. I do not think I would make a good human statue - I would move after a few seconds - definitely. 

We managed to get this one whilst putting on his make up.

See what I mean. He looks like a statue.

Then we entered Tate Modern Museum where there was a lot of art to keep us entertained.
Loved this. 

We were also privileged to see the Shibboleth also know as the Crack which was done by the Colombian artist Doris Salcedo.
The bridge that connects to the Tate Modern Museum.
View from the museum.
Oh yes and then there were the many interesting things to take pictures of. 


Last but not least there was also the graffiti. Uuuuhm art? I don't know.
I can visit London anytime and I am sure I will be vowed all over again.

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