Thursday, 8 January 2015

Home for the Holidays (Part 1)

This is the first of two posts about my travels during the festive season. I have so many pictures it was just not easy to choose a few to post here. I had to select a few pictures which summarize the whole trip.Ok, let us begin.

The car packed and ready to hit the road for the long trip to Bulawayo.

Baby E (remember him?) being strapped into his car seat. His first long distance road trip. He was so amazingly good.

We spend about 9 hours at the Beitbrdige boader and it was scorching hot. So hot that we had to undress Baby E and leave him in just his nappy. Look at him, he still managed to pose for a picture.Aaaaw.

After the long and seemingly unending journey due to the delays at the boarder there was no way I was going to proceed without resting so I slept over a a guest lodge called Shamvin run by a wonderful couple who made me feel at home.

Yep Coke goes local. These are some of the popular words in Zimbabwe on coke beverages.

A surprise awaited me at my sister's house and my was I surprised. I never expected to have a cake baked for me. Probably should visit more often ha ha.

Another cutie who I could not leave with out seing was Baby O born in August 2014 just like Baby E. Look at his tongue sticking out. My heart unfailing gets stolen each and every time.

I even managed to bake a cake for the parents when I finally got to see them. So much was done in so little time. Amazing the number of things one can do with some planning and resolve.

Next up will be part 2 of my holday in pictures in a day or two.

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