Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New Discovery

I recently discovered a new author by the name of Francine Rivers. I have already read three of her books within a short period of time. I just had to share, in case there are avid readers like me out there who are looking for interesting Christian books.

The first book I read was The Warrior a book which is Francine's imagination of Caleb's story. This book made me see the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt for Canaan in a different light and I was impressed by the man who Caleb was - a man of great faith, whose trust was solely in the Lord irrespective of the grumblings and complainings of those around him. No wonder why he stood out and was blessed by God.

The one I just finished is called Redeeming Love. This one kept me up several nights since it was hard to put down. This is an amazing story which is based on the story of Hosea, the prophet who was told to marry a harlot/prostitute as an allegory of God's relationship with Israel. I was totally taken by the love of one of the main characters Michael for Angel the woman God told him to marry. She was a woman who had known pain and abuse most of her life since she had been sold into prostitution at a tender age of 8. This is beautiful love story of a man who loved unconditionally. She ran away, he followed her and bought her back. She put up barriers, he patiently worked on breaking them down. She refused to love or return his love, he loved her anyway. This story tells how deep the love of God for us is. God is indeed an amazing and loving God, I want to love the way He loves.

Do check out this author. I am sure you will not be disappointed.


  1. Hmmm.. will check out soon. Thanks for sharing.

    - LDP

  2. Hope you manage to check out her books. I think she is a brilliant author.


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