Monday, 8 February 2010

The Runaway English Priest

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Its a brand new week and I have had a wonderful start to the week. Yesterday we had a prayer day at church and I must say I had a blessed time and did not want the service to end.

Anyway, back to the topic of the run away English priest. There is an English drama called Ballykissangel that I follow on TV. It is set in Ireland and is about a Catholic priest who moves from Manchester to a small town called Ballykissangel. As it turns out Father Clifford (that's the priest's name) had left Manchester because he had started developing feelings for a certain young woman and she had felt the same way for him. When he moved to BallyK things started out well until he met one of the local women. At first they were just good friends and slowly they fell in love. It was very interesting seeing how they struggled when they were around each other and how Father Clifford did all he could to get over his feelings for this lady including going away for a retreat so that he could clear his head.
As I watched one episode after the other I kept thinking 'Oh father Clifford if you run away again you are likely to find yourself in this situation again , you better work it out once and for all'. Haven't we all been like Father Clifford at some point in our lives? Is running way from problems always the solution? Isn't it better to deal with an issue once and for all and then know that that door is closed? It is unfortunate that a lot of times the issues that we leave open or unsolved tend to pop up untimely and we regret having not dealt with them sooner. Watching BallyK is acting as a remainder to me that running away is not always the answer to any problem that I may face. Lord, give me the wisdom to be able to act rightly when faced with situations that need dealing with for only you know the best way to handle all things.

I am now sitting on the edge of my seat because this time around Father Clifford has decided to deal head on with the situation, and I wonder how things are going to end up for him. The last time I watched he was re-thinking a lot of things like his calling to be a Father and if maybe it was best for him to leave the priesthood. His struggle to evaluate the situation is so evident but at least he has decided to confront something that could continue recurring in his life. Dealing with our issues may not always be easy but most times it is the best way to move forward on a clean slate with no shadows overhanging above us.


  1. I agree, "get it over with" now, otherwise the situation will only present itself again. Maybe not in the same form like in the priest's case, nonetheless the bottom line is that we need to learn the lesson before we can move on.

    As Christians, we must remember that we are growing from glory to glory. :)

  2. I agree too. Running away sure doesn't solve issues. I love this piece Shana. God bless u.


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