Tuesday, 6 June 2017

All Rolled Into One

There was a point a while back when I was beginning to feel that this blog was now becoming a travel blog. All I seemed to do was do travel posts. I then decided to go easy on the travel posts and so that means I have a number of travel posts which I never shared. To remedy that I have decided to do this post today summarizing my travels since late last year. Some of the things are just too good not to share so here goes:

October - November 2016
I returned to England  for a visit after six years. I never thought I would return to England but wow ... God had a plan. It was exciting visiting and it felt like coming home again.
Walked down the streets I used to walk in my not so small anymore town in Hampshire.
Hung out with old friends. So much fun.
Visited my old work place and even shopped there. I used to walk up and down those escalators everyday. 
Hung out with kids of friends who I remember as tiny little things. 
December 2016 
I was privileged and honored to be asked by one of my friends to be a the maid of honor at her wedding. This was my second time being a maid of honor, but I was still taken back at how much of a responsibility it was. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of things. I was taking notes (wink, wink).

Look at the bride doesn't she look gorgeous
 I even managed to capture the big moment. I took advantage of my maid of honor position to take good pictures. 

December 2016  - Early January 2017 
After the wedding which was in Bulawayo I flew to Windhoek, Namibia to visit some friends and of course to play tourist. I loved Namibia - I am a sucker for small towns and countries. I could see myself living in Namibia.

We stayed at the fabulous Lapa Lange Lodge. It was an oasis in the desert in the real sense because it is situated in the middle of no where. 
Got to watch animals coming to the watering hole at the lodge. It was a beautiful sight to behold. 
Hung out with the cool kids 😄
Took some selfies during the game drive.
If you are ever in Windhoek, you have to visit Joe's Beer House. It is a must go to place.

February 2017 
My goal each year is to visit at least three new places. Nigeria was first new place of the year. Abuja is surprising and not what I expected. As the capital city I expected it to be crazy busy and very advanced but alas it is still developing and nothing like Lagos (briefly passed through Lagos but not sure it counts as it was from the domestic airport to the intentional one). The people are very friendly and have big personalities.
Welcome to Abuja.
Met some awesome young people who  are passionate about making the world a better place. They are real Champions.
Driving around Abuja. 
Braved shopping at one of the markets. Word of advise -  you need to be a strong bargainer otherwise you will be ripped off. Having a local with you will help. 
Ate this delicious braiied fish.Usually I don't like spicy but in this case, spicy worked just fine. 
March 2017 
This is the month I met my second nephew ( Little Munchkin) for the first time. He is such a cutie. I flew to Hwange and spent a week there and even managed to play tourist in Binga, a small town along the Zambaezi. My other nephew Baby AA surprised me. The last time I saw him he would not come near me or anyone, he would hang onto his mum or dad's leg. But when I met him in March within an hour he had warmed up to me and we were friends.
This place in Binga along the Zambezi had an amazing view. Who knew that Binga was an interesting place. 
Look at my nephew Baby AA. He is all grown up and we were the best of friends.
Selfies are a must of course.
Took a boat ride in the Zambezi and even managed to drive the boat for a while.
Fishing anyone? I caught a big one or did I?
Best of all I hung out with these two lovelies.
May 2017 
This was third new place to visit for the year. I drove with a few work colleagues to the South Africa-Lesotho boarder town of Fickburg for a work event. I participated in my first talk show ever and fell in love with the electric blanket.
We stayed in this quaint little lodge. On the outside it looked disappointing but inside it was gorgeous and homey.
Made a presentation on girls education and also took part in a talk show. 
Captured this beautiful sunset on our way back to Johannesburg. 
 I really tried to make this post short and to the point. I did a good job didn't I? These could have been six potential posts but I think they are better like this, all rolled into one. 😂😃😄.

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