Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I love Him, Its that Simple

I love April. It is one of my favorite months because Easter my favorite holiday usually falls in that month. Easter is special right...I am always reminded about God's deep and unconditional love for me and the beautiful gift of grace which came with his death on the cross. I love Him so much and I feel blessed to know Him and that He is my God. Either way, when the chips are down or up, I know  I can always count on Him. He gives meaning to my life, take Him out of the equation and I would be lost. Thankfully, that will never happen.

So I have two songs which have been on repeat on my playlist of late. These songs take the words out of my mouth and are currently acting as my prayers as I sing along.
Jekalyn Carr with You are Bigger. This young woman is amazing!!!She started singing when she was 13 and she is only 19 now.

Dr. Tumi with Without You. Can you believe that he is also a medical doctor. I wouldn't have imagined that a medical doctor could sing so beautifully... but here he is.

I smitten by these two songs. What do you think?

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