Sunday, 25 October 2015

He is Always Listening

Exactly one year ago I stood with two friends at OR Tambo Airport on our way to Durban. We happened to stop by the international flights board and I declared after scrolling through the board that I was going to go to Washington DC in 2015. My two friends laughed, I am sure they thought I was crazy, who could blame them, I thought I was crazy I probably was but...God was listening.
Today exactly 1 year from the day I made my crazy declaration I am going to Washington DC. Talk about timing, God decided to make it  a perfect year.

I am encouraged, I feel challenged, I feel brave, brave enough to ask from God with confidence and with expectancy. This year my theme was I Should be Brave. I Want to be Brave. I am going to be Brave.I am going to keep going with this motto for the rest of the year because...being brave pays especially for those who depend on God with  reckless abandon. So I am learning.

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