Friday, 9 September 2011

Just Love Me


In one of my previous posts I mentioned helping out a friend at their allotment. Well, my friend and her family were away on holiday and I went to water their allotment and I found this huge courgette. I know that in the picture it doesn't look that big but in real life it was huge, bigger that normal sized courgettes.

This was a poem written by one of my friends children. He is only 10 but wow I thought it was very good.

What to wear? What to wear? I was going to go to a friend's wedding the next day and I managed to narrow down to 3 possible dresses I could wear. I ended up wearing the purple one in the middle.

The day of the wedding. The wedding had a sunflower theme. The bridesmaids where wearing turquoise blue. I never imagined that blue and yellow could go so well. It was a small wedding less than 50 guests I think.

Little feet, big feet. This is a picture of Anna aged 3 months and Miah aged 7.

I always pass this hedge and always wonder if these berries are edible or not. I can never tell and I have never been brave enough to find out if they are the normal black berries.

This church is near my work place and hence I pass it twice almost everyday. On this day I decided to take a picture. I have never attended a service there though or even been inside. One day ...

Another of those funny cool t-shirts. This young man was nice enough to agree to pose for this picture. By the way - what are you staring at!?!? :)

I was listening to Martina McBride's Love is the only house and then I saw this and I could not help but agree that love is the answer to a lot of things. Sometimes we don't have to understand in order to love.

Lovely movie and very very funny. I really enjoyed watching it.
A night of snuggling with a blanket on the sofa with a very interesting book and ice cream.

I was coming from church when I saw this band performing in town. Not my type of music but they still sounded good.

Tomatoes. We are growing tomatoes at the house I live. This picture was taken just before I started watering the plants. There are already a lot of green tomatoes, very soon they will be ready for the picking.


  1. Your pictures always tell a story, and I love them. That 10-yr old child can write! Woah. Love is truly like light coming through a stained-glass window (the fact that he wrote "stained-glass window" blew my mind). Lol.

  2. I love that poem. True talk. And those big feet little feet are just so adorable

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    Muse Origins

  3. Life is beautiful when we take time to get shots of some beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing these. We have Elim church here in NZ too... and for the 10yr old... AWESOME! Also the wedding theme; beautiful! Looking out for more wedding stuffs now... *wink*

    - LDP

    1. Shona, where have you been?

      Happy New Year to you Sis. Please return and lets know whats up wiv you :)

      - LDP

  4. Just saying 'hi' Shona. Happy new year :)

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