Thursday, 5 May 2011

Friendship is a million little things


This cute little handbag with this beautiful message is a fridge magnet I saw on my friend's fridge. When I think about what friendship is and what it means to me I can't really put it into words because it means different things at different times. Recently, I was in a bad place and a friend of mine just sat with me not saying much but that silence was such a comfort and made me feel very close to her. That's just but one of the many dimensions of friendship for me.

I walk up and down this flight of steps almost on a daily basis. The council recently cut some trees on the sides and it looks so much nicer with the sun on a good day managing to shine through. Maybe I should start thinking about running up and down those steps as a way of exercising since I am not a gym person.

Another of my cravings! This time it was eclairs. I tried several substitutes but that did not work. To make myself feel less guilty I got the Weight watchers ones. I wonder if that made a difference on the calories.

The royal wedding at last. It has been the talk for months and months. One of my church friends invited me and couple of other people over to watch the ceremony. As a fan of the royals she had decorations up and even cup cakes commemorating the day.

Saturday is market day in the town center. For a small town the stalls are impressive. I have seen stalls with products from different countries. My favorite stall is the South African one where I can get some biltong - yummy.

I call this the cheeky monkey clock. On the hour every hour a monkey pops out of the red doors and makes the funniest of noises. I tried to capture the moment it came out but alas I failed.

Introducing Monkey. I baby sat Monkey when my friend Cherie was away in December last year. Can you see why she is called Monkey? I think she does look like a little monkey. Look at her posing for a pic. Sorry the picture is blurry, I took it with my phone.


  1. I really liked the quote on that fridge magnet. Friendship is indeed a million little things. The act of just sitting close to a friend, even in silence, means so much. Words are not all that show that a friend is there for us.

    Lol at the cheeky monkey clock. Where did you find that?

    Yeah, that dog looks like a monkey.

  2. So true Jaycee. Love the cute handbag too! And loving this series even more


  3. It's specially good when we know that's the way that God is a Friend to us.

  4. P.S just to let you know i've changed my url. sorry for the inconvenience X_x

    Adiya (formally the corner shop- had to change my url)

    Looking forward to more updates :)


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