Monday, 21 February 2011

More Than Moss Growing on a Pavement

This my first post under Pearly Delights. So far so good. Enjoy!


Mooch.....this is one of my favorite  shops in the town where I live. It sells all sorts of great stuff from jewelery, unique and fabulous clothes, home decorations including wall hangings with beautiful  and sweet messages like 'Look towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind', 'Make tea and not war', 'Joy is in the little things' and for the romantics 'Kiss me quick' :)

I received a box of Tablerone chocolates and I thought the words written on the box were so sweet. The saving bit was hard to do though.

I am blessed with nieces and nephews from friends and family who have children. This is one of my nieces whom I think is gorgeous.

I was going to see someone when I got lost, thanks to the bus driver who assured me he knew where I was going and dropped me off at the wrong place. After calling the person  I was going to see and they said they were coming to pick me up I noticed some moss growing on the pavement where I was standing. I had a revelation - there is always hope. Moss still manages to grow on pavements although it is not the most conducive of places.  Likewise in life, sometimes great and beautiful  things can be birthed in situations were it seems like nothing good will come out of them.We always have hope in life, it never dies.

I love my Bible. It is my treasure. One of my favorite places in the Bible is Psalm 91. I think it is one of the most wonderful psalms. When I read it I personalize it and it is one of my daily reads.

View from my place. I am thankful for the house I live in because it is less than 5 minutes from town and I walk everywhere I go. I know that sometimes I complain about the people who live across the road because they hold loud and noisy late night parties (at least nowadays they seem to have calmed down), but  I am still grateful. Sometimes I watch from my room cars passing by and people crossing the zebra crossing and I have a view of our garden too.

Uummmm tea/coffee, one of my delights at church every Sunday. I remember the first time I went to my church thinking 'Gosh, these people are so much into eating and socializing' because there are snacks and drinks 30 minutes before church, a coffee/tea break after praise and worship and more drinks and snacks after the service. Now I understand why it is like that and I actually love it.This a good incentive for people to mix and mingle and get to know one another and not be strangers in our Father's house.


  1. "Moss still manages to grow on pavements." Awww, this little sentence just ministered to me right now.

    I loved this---> "Look towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind"

  2. @Jaycee, honestly, i love the moss insight best. This is a lovely lovely post. And i'm totally into your church lol


  3. Hmmm, very profound "Moss still manages to grow on pavements although it is not the most conducive of places..."

    I think this journey on Pearly Delights is going to be a very interesting journey...


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