Monday, 20 September 2010

The Story of Two Friends

Two friends were chatting one day when one of them suddenly says:
Friend 1: Oh, I got an idea.
Friend 2: Really? What?
Friend 1: Let's do this and that on facebook.
Friend 2: Uuuhmmm,I am not sure that's a good idea.
Friend 1: It's just to see what an experiment. 
Friend 2: Ok then. How do we go about it?
Friend 1: We will have to do it on your facebook though. You know we can't do it on mine. I can't change what I have there so it  has to be on yours.
At this point friend 2 is shocked but then pauses and thinks about it for awhile. Curiosity of finding out people's reactions prevails and besides, friend 2 argues to them self, it's not anything negative or that could paint a bad picture of me.
Friend 2: Oh, well why not? Let's do it, maybe no one will even notice or comment.

Within minutes messages from facebook, texts and phone calls are pouring in for Friend 2. After 3 hours Friend 2 decides to remove the post from facebook before many other people see it and drive her crazy with their questions and comments. 
Conclusion : Never do it! Never share very personal stuff of facebook.


  1. Hmmm...

    That reminds me.. r u on facebook?


    - LDP

  2. Lol. You got me LDP! Yes, I am on face book he he he.

  3. Shona, pls add me.

    Thanks :)

    - LDP

  4. Can't believe I saw your comment just now!!!!!!! Shows how much I have been neglecting my blog. Sorry about that LDP, I will add you on Face book.


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