Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Apple of His Eye

A few weeks ago someone said some very unkind and discouraging things to me. The words of this person kept replaying in my mind and it was eating me inside. I could not understand why they would say such dispiriting things like that and in my face too. No one has ever said such things to me before - at least not in my face. In my view it had been uncalled for. When I got home I shut myself in room and wept. I was hurt. 

Days later I was chatting to my pastor and I found myself telling him about the incident and to my embarrassment I burst into tears. He took me aside, prayed with me, shared with me some scriptures and reminded me that no one can define me or what I can be but God. I felt much better afterwards but a part of me was still not at peace and could not forget those hurtful words.
The next day, I distinctively remember it was a Monday my pastor sent me a text that read in part "... Have a great day knowing that you are the apple of His eye and He will vindicate you" (Scripture reference:  Zechariah 2:8 - ...for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye ). That got my attention. Eeeeeeeeish (wow) just thinking of what that scripture meant touched me beyond measure and humbled me. I am the apple of God's eye and he/she who messes with me is accountable to God - there was a declaration right there that God is on my side and he would vindicate me. Right there and then I made a decision to let go and not take to heart what the person had said to me... I mean being the apple of God's eye and all I was important to Him even if others thought lowly of me. I am glad that my pastor sent me that message with a reference to Zechariah 2:8 - it brought me back from sorry land, bitter land or where ever I had been floating.
True to His Word God has vindicated me, the words of the person who spoke negatively about me have been proved wrong and still continue to be proved wrong. I am sure they have been surprised at the recent events in my life. That is God for you - He takes care of His own and is very protective of His children.  

Maybe recently or in the past you have had some hurtful things said or done about/to you that you can not get over. Remember that you are the apple of God's eye and those who have hurt you should beware for '..the Lord saves His anointed...with the saving might of His right hand' Psalm 20:6. He will vindicate You, you do not need to fight your own battles - let the Lord take care of you. It is not even worth being bitter or hateful towards those who have hurt you, let God be your defender.


  1. Yes o...I am the apple of God's eye.

    I'm glad you were able to talk about it freely with your pastor, many times we don't know how powerful talking about something can be. It's sort of like a release. Not to leave out the most important one: talking about it with the one who calls us the 'apple of His eye.'

  2. Wow! I love the way God acted fast on your behalf. "A very present help in times of trouble". We are the apple of His eyes and the Sheep of His pastures. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will not suffer us to be ashamed too. Thank God for your pastor too. Sometimes, just a word from God's word heals than many words from outside of it.

    Stay blessed Shona. You are a blessing :)

    - LDP

  3. Oh, girl... please go read this...

    It is a re-post of a post I did last year on this very subject called, The Power of Words.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Let not your heart be troubled! God is for you, so who then can be against you. Glory!

    I tell you the best way to stop the nonsense is to be silent and keep moving forward. Let them wonder about you, while they continue to speak foolishly.

    Proverbs 3:3-4 " Let love and faithfulness never leave you.."


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